Annual Reports

What you need to know

CFRI publishes data summaries each year in the Annual Data Report. These detailed reports are for people with CF, their families, patient advocacy organisations, governmental agencies, health services, hospitals, health care professionals and researchers.

They include data about diagnosis, growth and nutrition, lung function, episodes of disease worsening, CF-related complications, hospitalisation and estimated life expectancy.

Annual Data Reports have been produced since 2002. The most recent reports are available below.

2023 20 Years and Counting
Anniversary Report
2022 Annual Data Report
2022 Data Summary
2021 Annual Data Report
2021 Data Summary
2020 Annual Data Report
2020 Data Summary
2019 Annual Data Report
2019 Data Summary
2018 Annual Data Report
2018 Data Summary
2017 Annual Data Report
2017 Data Summary
2016 Annual Data Report
2016 Data Summary
2015 Annual Data Report
2015 Data Summary

Older Annual Reports

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